Taunton Dog Training Club

The Taunton Dog Training Club is affiliated with The Kennel Club.

Taunton Dog Training Club has been providing dog obedience classes since 1956 and has always operated on a voluntary basis. We are a very sociable club and we welcome all responsible dog-owners.

Each year we register a membership of over 200 dog owners, of which about a fifth are core members. We meet every Tuesday evening to run up to five classes, each with its own instructor.

The objectives of the Club are to promote the training of dogs, encourage road safety where dogs are concerned and support dog obedience shows.

In addition to providing three classes at different levels of dog obedience training, the Club runs a Socialisation Class for puppies under five months old and eight week In-take Classes for new dog owners. To keep up with the demand for these classes, the Club runs an intake class, under this programme, the Club provides training for approximately 150 new dog owners every year. Many of these people then go on to the more advanced obedience classes.

All of this is achieved at a very affordable cost to the normal person in the street.

Traditional training techniques are used, with an emphasis on positive encouragement and reward. Difficult dogs are catered for although the Club may refer the dog to a professional trainer before joining one of the classes.