Our Classes

6:30pm Puppy Class – Weekly

This class is available for handlers booked in for the In-take Class and whose puppy is under five months of age. It covers the basic care of puppies including control for grooming and passive domination together with preparing puppies for visits to the vet. The beginning of lure control, encouraging gentle play with humans, is explained. Walking on a loose lead, sits and downs are started.

7:00pm In-take Class – Weekly

The first lesson of this class is a talk by the instructor on the objectives of the course, the training methods used and the importance of pack leadership and body language in the handling of a dog. It gives new members the chance to ask questions regarding the Club and any problems that they have with their dog. During the course, the handler is shown how to train the dog to walk to heel on a loose lead, sit, lie down and come back on recall.

7:45pm Progressive Class – Weekly

This class builds on the groundwork set by the In-take Class and further develops heel-work on a loose lead, with sits, downs and about turns. It introduces sit and down stays, including instant downs, and develops the basic recall.